I Will Buy You A New Life by Everclear's Art Alexakis

Ahhhh.... Song of the week time. I had a tough time selecting this one. It was a long arduous week and to be terribly honest, I didn't have the opportunity to listen to a lot of music. When Friday comes around it nice to open the Weekend Gate a play a song that either celebrates the coming of the weekend or commemorates the week of work that had recently ended. Today's track does both. I have strong feelings for Art Alexakis' band Everclear.

Alexakis (at center) with band mates - Everclear

I picked up their mega-poppy Heartspark Dollar sign album before everyone I knew and I had a summer or two in which those songs played a prominent role. "Santa Monica" was one of the first songs I ever learned on guitar. The band was attainable - the songs were about life and about people. Plus Art Alexakis is a rock band front man if I ever saw one.

Being in Boston, I would be shamed for not mentioning the infamous stage-diving incident at The Paradise some years ago when Everclear appeared on stage. There was an injury resulting when the cities biggest Everclear fan took the crowd for a ride. His name was Drew Bledsoe and he was, at the time, the quarterback of the beloved New England Patriots. I wasn't at that particular show - but I have to admit... I know the feeling Drew. Those were some powerful songs. I am just lost as to which one he took flight to... Perhaps we will never know. He's today's song of the week. Take from it what you will. Be safe.

Alexakis solo performance

I Will Buy You A New Life (live)
Houston, TX 10/10/2003


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