The Hottest Thing - Voxtrot Releases their Album

Pretend for an instant you are in the indie rock band Voxtrot. Today would be a very special day for you. (First of all - you are talented and have had one of the best stretches of music over the last two years - being in the hotbed of all things indie and cool in Austin, Texas... and had a hand in that city's stranglehold on indie-rock majority rule) - but today is just extra special...

Today your band's releases its first full length LP. It means kids from Des Moines and listeners in Sacramento can finally hear your material. People in Paris and indie enthusiasts in Toronto and Mexico City might hear you for the first time. Today would be a new day, with the potential of new friends in Tallahassee and fans in Schenectady. Somebody might even write about you - if you are lucky, from Boston....

Voxtrot - The album: on sale now

Today, Voxtrot releases their self-titled debut release. Eleven songs in one nice package. The first thing you should do is listen. The second thing you should do is go out and pick it up.


VOXTROT plays Boston
w/ Au Revoir Simone on June 14 at the Middle East.
More Dates: Tour


Anonymous said…
It's a great album. I don't know why so many bloggers slated it when it was first leaked...great song writing and musicality shouldn't be sneered at.

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