Gods Heroes and Myth Part Three - Sun Gods, Lords of Time and Their Look at Us

Gods, Heroes and Myth: It's a collection of songs about stories that approximate feelings, trigger thought, spark conversation and ultimately celebrate music!

Today we celebrating the realm of myth and icons: History tells us about the importance of myth and the power of story. The telling is done through song. I had published these all at once but I ate through more download bandwidth in an hour than most blogs burn in a day or more. That kind of thing can get very, very expensive. Here is today's look into the face of gods who live in the Sun, who measure our lives not with watches but with sands in hourglasses and strain to understand our own perceptions of Humanity.

Songs for Humanity -
Earth's Children or Playthings for the Gods?

Artist: Deidre Scherer

"Lord, what fools these mortals be!"
--From A Midsummer Night's Dream (III, ii, 115)

Apollo, Sun God

Chronos – God of Time
Keeper of Infinity

More in this series is on the way....
Here is what has already passed: Part One and Part Two


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