Coyotes are Roaming the Streets - THE MARCY PLAYGROUND rumble

Marcy Playground, Coyotes in Boston and my line of thinking

I was just listening, on the way home from work, to an old mix disc. It's something I threw together last summer and came across this Marcy Playground song.

Marcy Playground - better than you think.

I am a big Marcy Playground fan. I had them on my mind today after writing about Lamexcuse - an indie rock band from Austria playing in Boston tonight. As it turns out, the three guys playing at P.A.'s tonight happen to also be Europe's biggest Marcy Playground fans.

Marcy Playground's John Wozniak at the Hatch Shell
photo by David Kilkenny

Personal music anecdote: I "met" John Wozniak once years ago when the band was touring in at the peak of their popularity - touring in support of their Sex and Candy single. I had a press pass, writing for a small New Hampshire newspaper. I was also working security (which meant I had access to all areas) ... I ended up having lunch next to the Marcy Playground singer. Four feet away... and we never shared a single word.

As for today's blog "Coyote" title - encroachment by development on nature's front porch is nothing new. I'm not an activist - just taking note of today's current events in Boston. Coyotes are roaming the streets in the suburbs. Nothing new, really; but it's so early this year.

The concept of the wild coyote roaming the city streets is an extremely powerful image. If you saw the Michael Mann movie Collateral (2004) - that flick has an incredible scene in which the characters are passed on a Los Angeles city street by coyotes. The eyes of the wild dogs glisten brightly as they stride past the film's main characters. Like the head beams of cars, they pass by.

It started like any other night.

So how strong is the memory of an image? How powerful is the recollection through listening to a forgotten song on a mix disc? I guess, as mighty as you choose to make them.


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