Clemens slams the door on Red Sox fans -

Roger Clemens, the one-time best pitcher in baseball, has decided with his wallet (and not his heart) that he loves New York more than the treasured home town team in Houston or the sentimental favorite in Boston. This is disturbing to Boston fans who seemed to be content with his legacy here - but it has to really get at Astros fans, who has utterly abandoned - since he has signed a 10-year work deal that was to include his post-pitching career.

The Yankees' Brian Cashman and Clemens (AP Photo)

Boston singer-songwriter Jake Brennan ( who I most recently spotted playing a live gig with Jesse Malin at Great Scott) had some words to say today about the pitcher's decision:

Oh the good will is dried up and gone. You have played games the last few years and have used all of us. You never had any intention of returning to Boston - it was all a bold-faced lie to drive up the price on the Yankees. We know that now, and they should too. Red Sox fans say "Good Riddance" - more here. Roger Clemens is little more than a mercenary and now the world's highest paid baseball player. The E.E. has opened him back with open arms. Hey, this is a free market and you made a capitalist decision - just don't lie to everybody and try to spin it that you have some love affair for New York City. That's just insulting to everybody.


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