Homework Assignment: Ryan Adams and The Pixies

- Double-ruled Homework Assignment -
Keeping up with Ryan Adams and The Pixies

Work It: Ryan Adams releases Easy Tiger on June 5th

On June 5 you might run into me at the record store picking up Easy Tiger - the new Ryan Adams album. If this song is any indication, the album threatens to be great - check out the track listing (tentative, of course, at this early hour) over at BOS:

Bag of Songs: Ryan Adams Unleashes Easy Tiger

The Pixies' Doolittle album: This is one of the best records of all time. The Pixies released the record in 1989 and it changed my life. You might have a similar story. If you claim to enjoy indie rock, this one is huge as it impacted all contemporary artists and certainly those who followed.

EASY: Falling in Love with the Pixies' Doolittle album, again.

Frank Black, you rock! The Forgotten Disc Friday page gives us a solid, long look at the album this week (absolutely not-to-be-missed!) And for good measure, FDF has thrown in an absolutely magnificent Pixies live show from 1991 at Switzerland's Leysin Music Festival. The sound quality is superb.

Get to Forgotten Disc Friday and get in on this!


March2theSea said…
wooord..thanks many for the plug!
Lawrence Boone said…
Double nice. I never tire of the Pixies...

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