Weekend Artist Series: Portland's ANOTHER CYNTHIA

It's Friday evening and wanted to leave you with some great music. The profile artist for the weekend is Another Cynthia. I first wrote about them last August and I actually ended up naming them the Most Underrated Band in 2006. Yep - Definitely Worthy of a listen and a place in your collection. Just remember you saw it here first (again.)

ANOTHER CYNTHIA - the band you'll leave your current favorite indie CD for. A 2006 must have for your collection! This is the amazing new band from Portland. They are sporting the best new sound and some truly amazing production values. Together it makes for an amazing new sound.What else can I possibly say? Read on friends, read on.

This Oregon five-piece band released a limited release CD in 2006 that proved to be an underrated classic - one of the year's best indie jewels. Truly fantastic musicianship, excellent lyrics and some sick production - especially noteworthy since they did it in-house.

SAMPLE from the Limited Edition Disc:

PICK ONE UP: (limited edition)


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I LOVE your sound!


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