The Storm is Over - A Final Explosive Look at 2006!

It (Almost) Slipped through the Cracks 2006 #8
The End of an immense mp3 music series commemorating the best of 2006.

* Lesser known or under-appreciated songs from favorite artists
* Releases that most people missed because they were listening to top forty radio.
* Alternate, remix & live sets from '06 artists that cast the material in a new light.
(Hey, if I play something from 2005 that overlapped into 2006.... Give me a break please?)

The Wayward Westerly Wind by Lesley Reppe
The Series:

New York garage band made good, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs had their biggest year to date in 2006. With the release of their second album, the incredible "Show Your Bones" album - they stepped away from the successful formula of their first album, Fever to Tell and moved in a new direction. The risk seemed to have worked as the new record was recognized with a 2007 Grammy Award Nomination! The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are now beloved in at least four continents and known by millions. The big track on this album was Gold Lion which was remixed like ten times by other artists. Other tracks to get big-time attention were "Cheated Hearts" and "Turn Into." Here is my favorite: "Phenomena" - one of the best 0f 2006. Enjoy.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs Web

It's never too late to meet someone new and exciting. Thankfully, I didn't miss out completely. 2006 saw the release of Ryan Lindsey's remarkable "White Paper Beds" album - a truly magnificent release - and from my perspective one of the most pleasant surprises of the year. Rather than go on about Lindsey, who hails from Oklahoma - I will let you listen to one of his tracks and make your mind up for yourself. Here is "Summertime" - A track you need to complete your 2006 collection!

Ryan Lindsey Web

There evidently isn't much that The Flaming Lips can do wrong. I mean it. Wayne Coyne's band is probably the biggest risk taker on tour each year and every time they come up smelling roses! That, my friend, is good karma. The band released its "At War with the Mystics" album to some level of fanfare last year. It wasn't enough - the album is great. Here is "The Wand" - which isn't overlooked (it just kicks ass!)

The Flaming Lips (cool-ass) Web

Ahhhh, live albums. Can't live without live music - but live albums (especially mediocre ones) can kill a band's reputation. That is not the case here. 2006 saw the release of The Stereophonics' "Live From Dakota" album to mixed reviews. The band is huge in its native UK (they are from Wales)- but there are many who have grown cold to the band. The live album might not warm these cold hearts, but it was classic Stereophonics. There is tons of energy and great guitar on this double-CD. I am an absolute sucker for two or three Stereophonics tracks. It was a toss-up between Dakota, Superman and Pedalpusher.... Here is "Dakota" from Live from Dakota - one of the best overlooked treats of 2006.

The Stereophonics Web

Did anyone have a better year out there than TV on the Radio ? With the release of scorching hot "Return to Cookie Mountain" release, they were a hard ticket to beat. I saw them play a couple songs outdoors with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in Boston's City Hall Plaza. Now that was an indie ticket that's hard to beat! The band struck absolute gold with the song, "Wolf Like Me". Here is a live version of that song for you to tuck away in your collection. You can't celebrate the year that was, without this track.

TV on the Radio Web

Boston homeboys The Cassavettes dropped their "It's Gonna Change" album just before the end of the year - and boy did they do it right. The album is a mixing bowl of rock and folk/Americana stage music. The band can play it loud, but they are more than capable of filling the room with blues. Not bad for a bunch of guys from Boston... I've spoken to a couple of the guys briefly - they also happen to be pretty cool too. Here is the "Shine A Light" - single. When you listen, you'll know why I made this a must have release for 2006/2007.

The Cassavettes Web

Jack White, I presume? Yes, Jack - you made the list twice this year. The Raconteurs set the indie world on fire this year - with a blazing hot tour to support the band's "Broken Boy Soldier" album. Jack White is, well, insane - just too good. Want to know about the rest of the guys in the band? Read a little something I wrote last year - "Meet the Greenhornes, they died young so the Raconteurs could live!" And, here is a super cool live version of "Steady As She Goes" - definitely in the cream of the crop for 2006.

The Raconteurs Web

Austin Texas is the Home Away from Home for all fans of Indie Rock. It's ground zero for two of my favorite bands from 2006. (*We already talked about Voxtrot.) I have made no secret about my love for Sound Team's 2006 release "Movie Monster" . The album is one that got better with each subsequent listen. meeting the guys in the band for an interview (my best Q&A of the year!) was even better. I selected bassist Bill Baird, as one of my three Top indie-rock artists of the year. Here is "Shattered Glass" - one of the lesser known songs from the album - but one of my favorites. Pick up "Movie Monster" today.

Sound Team Web

Glasgow's The 1990s have been on my list for five months. The "little brothers" to Franz Ferdinand - they have a common past. I wrote about that in one of my old posts. Check it out - here. The band is re-releasing "See You At The Lights" in 2007. Here is the original version published last year. It's one of the most sensational tracks of the year!

The 1990s Web

How could I leave out Southern California's Cold War Kids? The guys are the most talked about blog band in the history of indie rock blogs. Am I sorry? No man, their stuff is great. If you are a hater - that's your bag. The band released its "Robbers and Cowards" album (consisting of re-recorded material from their 2005 EPs and adding some new tracks.) They are easily one of the best live bands in the business. Here is "Passing the Hat" - it's a lesser known song from the CWK album which showcasing their considerable talent.

Cold War Kids Web

That's all folks.
2006 R.I.P.

Cheers, Ryan


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