The Relentless Deluge - Songs for the Rain

Songs for the Rain

a poem.

The relentless deluge continued through the shadow of the day.
There were glimpses of grey clouds stepping before the darkest ones;
And spaces lived between the drops, but none large enough for us.
These were all proven to be grounds for our false hope
For soon the sky gave way to the expecting night.

Down! Falling!
The rain would not cease.

The swollen park lawn struggled not to become a marsh
As the sodium streetlights hung helplessly above and grew dim.
The normally defined high rises and markets fell behind the haze.
Everything was slowed down for us and barely stirring
As I stared up through the emptying sky.

The sounds of the city were washed out
And carried off into the night.


November 2006
it rained 13 out of 14 days
in Boston.

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Songs to Listen to in The Rain

Now come in from the rain.


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