Seattle's AARON ENGLISH releases an amazing record: The Marriage of the Sun and the Moon

Seattle's Aaron English has gone and released a pretty exciting new album this winter. And with the release of "The Marriage of the Sun and the Moon," English has unleashed one of the freshest new sounds of 2007. The album was co-produced by Aaron English and long-time collaborator Don Gunn. The album has a profoundly clean, strong sound - emboldened by English's voice and keys.

Seattle's Aaron English in studio
photographs by Miguel Edwards

It has been five years since English's first release, All the Waters of This World, which was released in May 2002. I didn't know English's music back then, but I certainly do now and and very interested in where he is headed. His sound is similar to Peter Gabriel and that comparison is not made often. This is music for communicating with one's own soul. Hit play on the tracks below and pick up the phone:


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