Open the Door for Josh Gates and the Groundhogs

Josh Gates is a talented happy-go-lucky musician and player in the Portland and Corvallis, Oregon music scenes. Gates is a guitarist, singer-songwriter (The Groundhogs) and drummer (Oregon's Flailing Inhalers.)

I selected Josh to showcase on this blog because he represents the very best aspects of independent musicians these days: He is passionate, resilient, and hard-working. Being in a band is not all glory. It does have its rewards though. One can't help but get the feeling that despite life's foils, Josh Gates' talent and that of his two bandmates (Chad Fell and Nate Stout) are bound for bigger and better things in the days to come. Please give them a listen and perhaps a little well-earned recognition.

Josh Gates
Let's talk about the sounds you will hear today.
Each song was selected to capture an aspect of Gates and the Groundhogs.

"PFC" could be lifted from the music book of a young Carlos Santana or an instrumental tirade by the now-defunct Phish.

"Walking in the Rain" is a somber song full of feeling and a reminder of the bleeding road paved by Joy Division and the manic charm and strength of Nick Cave.

"Front Page Story" is a musical game played out between the musicians as they pop back and forth. The sound and the exchange sound a very great deal like Yo La Tengo. Don't waste any more time - start listening!

Gates (guitar and vocals), Chad Fell (on bass), Nate Stout (drums)

One can't help but recognize the mash of musical influences that play on the Groundhogs. Their sound distills elements of punk, blues, jazz, funk, country and good old-fashioned rock and roll.

Visit The Groundhogs on Myspace.


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