John Brazile - the next Great Troubadour!

Even Unplugged...
John Brazile is just Electric!

There are two types of discovery. There is the one that comes accompanied by surprise - because one actually expects something to be good - and it's actually great. Then there is the truly wonderful variety of discovery - it results in finding something great and special when we aren't even looking at all. The latter is just how I stumbled across Mr. John Brazile - a terribly amazing talent! I sipped Bass ale after Bass ale one night - and watched him perform. The sound was just remarkable and the man is only 22-years-old! I recently met up with John again to talk with him for a bit and offer him a profile here on this page.

I am pleased to say that the musician is equally talented as a human being... quite humble and friendly. We actually happen to have a few things in common. (John happens to be able to play just about any Ryan Adams song I could think of... That's pretty damn cool.)

So here are some sample songs. Expect to see more of John Brazile on these pages in the weeks to come. Perhaps an interview? Maybe something live? Here's why I am so excited:

Visit John Brazile on myspace

The RSL Music Blog hopes to help sponsor John Brazile during the summer concert season this year. For more information on how you can get John and other talented musicians at your venue, please contact me. Plans are underway!


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