An Elvis Costello Special

My apple cart and my plans for the weblog this weekend have been overturned due to some hosting issues. (Damn techies!) I have two posts ready to go - including a write-up on Tonight's Of Montreal gig in Boston. Trust that I am working to solve any issues!

I setup a temporary media hosting account this morning since the issues are not getting resolved in a timely manner. Sigh - the things I do for you guys and my love of music.

In today's spontaneous perspective:
Elvis Costello

He's incredibly talented as you well know. Today we look at a rare performance of "Watching the Detectives" live on the Top of the Pops program and enjoy two tracks: Chelsea (one of my all-time favorite songs!) and Veronica performed live with Lord Paul McCartney.


Veronica - E. Costello and P. McCartney (acoustic)

Chelsea - Elvis Costello

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