300 - Frank Miller's masterpiece is a Scream!

300 - the movie

This is a must-see flick!
I haven't seen a movie talked about so positively
by everyone leaving the theater. People were way into it!
The marriage of art techniques and varied use of rendering technologies is amazing.
The style and tone are pretty incredible.

I will go again.

Four Songs for this Review:

Hypnotized and Mesmerized - Mechanical Spirits / Jim Dias (Boston)
10,000 Ways To Burn - Damn Personals (Boston)
The Repudiated Immortals - Of Montreal
Phenomena - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

that's my little review.
Here's a perspective on 300 from the Plugg and a review on the Girls Kick Ass blog.

Here's some history:
Director Zach Snyder's 300 is based in-fact on a 480 BC legendary Greek conflict.
It was One Million marauding Persian soldiers and slaves against just 300 Spartan warriors and a rag-tag handful of regional supporters.

The Battle of Thermopyle


evan said…
i was gonna see it, but the reviews suck wet ones.

so we saw Pan's Labyrinth, which was the most visually innovative film I've seen since The Matrix. And it has a brilliant story too. I'll see 300 if you Pan's Labyrinth. Deal?
Ryan Spaulding said…
Ok, fair enough. Done.
March2theSea said…
i hear both Pans and 300 are good. I think 300 you have to take for what it is..its not going to win any acting awards I am sure..but I am not going in expecting that either.

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