The Black and White Years gear stolen!

Gang - I just got this email from Landon from the Black and White Years. (I just wrote about them in these pages yesterday!!!) All the bands gear was stolen during a break-in. Any information that could help this great band out would be greatly appreciated.

This is heartbreaking:

I just arrived back at the house to realize that over $10,000 worth of equipment has been stolen from us. In our own home none-the-less. This includes:

Paul Reed Smith CE24 Red
serial: 723444

Apple Powrbook G4 "17 laptop-silver
serial: v73445z3p22

Warwick 5 string bass w/ wood finish

Gibson SG: brown w/ wood finish
Roland Juno-G Synth

Any info will be greatly appreciated.

For those in the Austin area: we may be planning a benefit concert, so anything helps.
We'll let you know soon.

Landon Thompson
The Black and White Years

The Black and White Years on myspace


androo said…
Hello. I run a site called StolenGear.Org You can share this info by clicking on "Report" and then, "Add Listing."

Contact me if you would like me to post a brief summary of how their stuff was stolen



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