The Best Laid Plans - Blog Radio Volume 18

Welcome to Friday - and the gate to the weekend.For today's post I had every intention of publishing the long-overdue finale for the "It Almost Slipped Through the Cracks 2006 Series" or to publish you one of the several BRAND NEW overdue artist profiles I have been working on, but life and the idiosyncrasies that makeup my person objected - and prevailed.

The reason.... I had songs (some shared here today) trapped in my head all day long. As you know, this can be a joyful experience or torturous depending on the content. Thankfully, these were quality songs.

The indie-rock hit parade continued after work on the way home. Evidently, I had left the RSL Mix Disc Volume 13 (no joke - I have a disc series completely made-up of songs published on these pages) in the player and ... short story, long. -> I decided to give you a RSL Blog Radio for your Friday instead of a regular post today....!

What is Blog Radio? This collection celebrates my musical tastes, gives me a chance to dust off some old classics and slip in some new artists who might otherwise not get some exposure. It also reflects me and my state of mind. I give you a new installment once every week to ten days.

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Artist: KellyVivanco

Here it is... Don't forget to support the arts. If you like something you have heard here today, please visit the artist webpage and pick up a disc. Good art - like plants, pets and children - have to be supported in order for them to continue to grow and thrive.


The weekend looms -


evan said…
gave ya the big thumbs up, buddy.

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