New Music from LA: The Jack Bambi's

Alright you hype monsters. Have it your way.

I was content with the quick write-up I did last month on the rock prodigies band, the Jack Bambi's, from LA. Then Anthony Kiedis of the RHCP has to go and blow the lid off the thing with a mention in Rolling Stone magazine. Since then this page has been the crossroads for all people looking for anything Jack Bambi's.....

By the way - This is what Kiedis had to say in Rolling Stone:

"They (the Jack Bambi's) became my favorite musical experience of 2006. They're phenomenal - whenever they'd play I'd find a way to get to the show."

Ahhhh, and then there was the follow-up Blender magazine Interview. Damn, that's a whole lot of exposure. They do have a myspace and a webpage.

Why the rabid hype for a bunch of youngsters, considering the number of starving college musicians there are out there looking for their break? (The eldest; singer Lia, as it turns out - just turned thirteen years old!) Because Kiedis is right - the kids are good (exceptional for their age!) And to be honest, "He the Machine" their first demo (here today for the first time!!) is better than what results in many adult musician sessions.

It's pretty good - Listen for yourself.

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Anonymous said…
the jack bambis DO have an official website, it was sited in rolling stone and was under construction at the time, but is up and goin strong now. it is:

check it out! thanks for the demo link! these kids are awesome as musicians and made awesomer by the fact that they are producing music that is better than most adults (as you mention in your blog above...)


Anonymous said…
their awesome

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