Meet The 1990s - Inheritors of the Glasgow Sound

If you like Franz Ferdinand - You will love The 1990s
If you hate Franz Ferdinand - You will love The 1990s...
Either way - time is up and here they are

Glasgow Scotland's latest alterno-rock icons.
They are the music coming from automaker Nissan's new TV ad campaign.

Meet The 1990s

These altruistic "little brothers" of Franz Ferdinand are making great music, just having trouble getting dates. Talented Rock - sans a single pretty boy.

The 1990s had their work cut out for them. They ain't pretty... Ok - let me clarify, rather than to sell out shows with their smashing good looks - they let their music do the talking.

In a recent article in Britain's UNCUT Magazine, the Scottish trio get a write up and a tearing down, of sorts.

"The 1990s. Two parts ex-Yummy Fur - Jamie McMorrow (bass, crazy teeth) and Jackie McMorrow (vocals/guitar, crazier teeth) - to one part Ex-V Twin Michael McGaughrin (drums, Monkees haircut.)"

See You At The Lights

You're Supposed to be My Friend

Meet The 1990s - and before you get any ideas about you having the one-up on these relative greenhorns, realize this: their instruments have more miles on them than your shitty used car.

1990s MySpace

1990s Home Page

"They play rock and roll like a blonde gets out of a car!”

Over the last year and a half, the group witnessed their former mates (Franz Ferdinand = Ex-Yummy Furs) take off both musically and in terms of world exposure. Now, it's their turn.


What is the Glasgow Sound?

The Yummy Furs were a Glaswegian quartet formed in 1992, born from the determination of John "Jack" McKeown (The 1990s).

To hear some truly amazing Yummy Furs music from the BBC in 1995 - the John Peel Sessions:

For the best examples 0f the "Glaswegian Sound" of those days - Listen to:


Yummy Furs tracks from the BBC archives

They recorded more than 60 tracks in just their first five years together. By 1999 the band would have recorded several times, released five albums and played for thousands.

The group had a dedicated following, but one this fan base never seemed to grow.

Extremely popular in the Glasgow clubs and in some of the trendier spots elsewhere in Europe, the sound never caught on elsewhere.

The musicians (at last count there were ten to eleven incarnations of the band lineup- each including McKeown though) decided to call it quits some six years ago.

Alex Kapranos and John Thomson went on to form Franz Ferdinand.

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Dany said…
love this band, i haven't gotten around to posting about them yet.

keep rocking

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