Get Sweet on Candie Payne

Meet someone I am very excited about these days - and I'm not alone. Candie Payne is an incredible indie-folk singer on the rise. She is already gained quite an independent rock following in England. Raised in the dynamic NYC and Liverpool - both cities impacted her unique sound. Miss Payne comes from a musical family. Brother Howie (in The Strands) and Sean (stars in The Zutons) have already shown there is music in those genes.

Her debut album, "I Wish I Could Have Loved You" is released in March. Here's your chance to get ahead of the curve.

About Candie Payne's music: Smooth, Sexy, Coy and Epic. Yeah - it's that.

Candie Payne on stage in a guest appearance with The Zutons.

NEW! (3/21/07) - Candie Payne



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