Frog Rock, Doing Tequila Shots and Superbowl Ads

My head is little fuzzy this morning. Whew. I had beers, drinks and shots with friends last night and met a lot of new people - including an artist whose material I will exhibit on these pages soon. The only thing we didn't manage to do was see Booty Vortex (reference yesterday's post) because the venue was filled to capacity.

So our plans shifted to a kind watering hole down the street and there we made our stand...

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"Frog Rock"
artist: Blaine Fontana

It was great to see everyone come out - even if we didn't get our funk on. We did find a digital jukebox, which I used to crank out a hot mix - which I hope helped the locals get down.

Special thanks to Ted (my friend who hosted the pre-party at his apartment.)

Did I mentioned the drinking? Yeah. I need to recover in time to watch the Superbowl ads.

I will be heading over to the record store today to pick up some of those new releases I told you about the other day... (I am running behind - My days are long and full, what can I say?)

Here is a playlist for your Sunday...

I actually started this list last night and wrote the songs down on a napkin.
The first songs were stuck in my head all night.

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Ryan -

Looking foward to seeing the work of our new artist friend. We spent some time at the party talking of his harrowing escape from New Orleans and of all things Filipino.

The Booty Vortex is allegedly playing in Somerville on the 24th (my birthday). We may need to once again rouse Booty Nation and get our groove on.

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