Denver's Velvet Elvis - Taking the King Door to Door

-The Velvet Elvis -
Off the Hook 1950s songs from Denver!

Velvet Elvis' Chris Barber

Leave it for me to find a way to incorporate the old with the new. Far away from the bright lights and smoky ballrooms of Las Vegas - north to the snowy Rocky Mountains into Colorado, comes one of the best 1950's Elvis Presley cover bands I have ever heard. It's a two-man getup called Velvet Elvis - led by Chris Barber, who looks and sounds so much like a young Elvis (ala Sun Records) himself, I am sure he has stopped a few pedestrians in their tracks before. The duo is grounded by the fine upright bass work of Michael Baird. The best thing about Velvet Elvis and their roots rock and country sound is pretty much everything...

What was once old is new again, Darlin'.

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Chris Barber and Michael Baird are Velvet Elvis

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