"Cheese" - Impact Songs for your Thursday

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Ahhh Cheese... Glorious Cheese

I am, as they say, taking a "creativity break" until Saturday. I posted up a new BLOG RADIO session yesterday and felt compelled to do a second blog - this one about the "frightening" suspicious device "hoax" which paralyzed the city's streets with traffic after officials overreacted (yes, I said "overreacted" - the damn things were lite brites! The city should be ashamed of its prosecution of the poor saps who put the things up and should realize security begins with intelligence not reaction!). So, in filing the second post - which took way more time than I thought (it was breaking news!) - I basically stepped on my first one (WHICH HAD SOME OF THE BEST SONGS to ever appear on these pages in my humble opinion....) when and in the process, I kind of got burned out. Cheesy, I know. But here are a few songs. While you are here, check the sidebar and download a live show or tracks from a rare album or something.

Here are songs inspired by or dedicated to, people who have impacted my life recently. If you didn't get an impact song this time around - do something nice... Like bake me a cake and why don't you smile once and while....?!

for Jen - (See? Everybody's normal!)

for Routha - ( although you will never see this!)

for Krista - (Good Luck in California! I miss ya already.)

for Ted - (Looking forward to the party on Saturday!)

for the Boston Celtics, who are going for their Franchise Worst-Ever 13th Loss in a Row tomorrow.... I will be there at the game after work to cheer them on as they play the LA Clippers. (Eighth row at the GARDEN, baby!)

Song for everybody else...

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Anonymous said…
I really think you out to put a caption under the Cheese Boy that reads "Not my child." :) That would make me giggle madly.

PS: I love seeing my name in print. LUFF.

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