Brazil's CSS: Cansei De Ser Sexy - Get in on this!

CSS is
"Cansei de Ser Sexy!"

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This electric alterno-pop outfit from Brazil has earned national media status in their home Brazil and are even now catching on in the US and Europe. They carve their songs from rock, lay down beats and still carry their Hello Kitty purses in public. Welcome to the RSL Blog Artist of the Day - CSS; Cansei de Ser Sexy.

In Portuguese, Cansei de Ser Sexy means "Tired of Being Sexy.", That fact alone had me intrigued... And with good reason! The Brazilian band hails from São Paulo where they have achieved icon-level status. Last year they released their self-titled album. The record (released by Sub Pop) took off enough to burn through the first released numbers and just got re-released (on the Warner label) a couple weeks back. This time they are moving into uncharted territory. Dancehalls in Tokyo and across Europe know this band. It won't be long into 2007 before they begin to penetrate the US market.

I predict very big things.

How can you not like a band that does promo art
like this:

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CSS on Myspace
The Casei de Ser Sexy webpage


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