The Black and White Years - Austin, TX strikes again!

The Black and White Years

I have been looking forward to scribing on this band for awhile, but I am chronically, as they say, backed up with new music and artists releases. What drew me to this band? They are intelligent, raw and they have a sound (a groove, really,) that is part their own and part of the indie-band collective consciousness. One listen and you will begin to pick up elements of the Talking Heads, Beck, Of Montreal and David Bowie in these songs. Not a bad mixing bowl. Then the band - living in Austin, TX - have the South-by-Southwest Music Festival // Indie-Rock ground zero thing going for them... By sharing the Black and White Years, I bring a little Austin and consequently independent rock into your life. (Is that good for a tax write off or something?)

John Aldridge: Bass, Brass
Scott Butler: Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Landon Thompson: Lead Guitar

Songs from
"Real! In Color!"

Do yourself a favor and make these guys your friends. Learn about them and pick up their "Real! In Color!" album. The Black and White Years on myspace.


Anonymous said…
Is there anywhere that you know of in Austin to buy The Black and White Years' albums? I've been checking for about a year now!
Ryan Spaulding said…
I will have ALL the details on how to buy the album and some previously unreleased tracks on Sunday... Come back and get blown away! This is one amazing record!

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