Well, your Sister's Good Looking - 2006's Under-Appreciated and Overlooked Songs

The start of something special...

Over the last month, every music blogger in the world published his or her top 10 albums and 25 favorite songs of 2006. These lists provided endless conversational fodder in on-line forums for those inclined to do so - and yet they did little more than bore me to tears.

The formula: Music Bloggers must be able to exhibit good taste, strong fortitude - and they must be able to hype. These levels must be maintained. Good music, regular posting with gusto and an element of salesmanship. But what happens when hype overwhelms all reason (especially when it comes to sickening mundane repetition?)

Most individuals hype a handful of albums all year 'round and then they get to the end and they play that same old stale tune on their merry trumpets.

Boooooooooring. So I skipped it - No 2006 Commemorative Posts - - until now. I found a creative way to share some of the best artist releases with you without sounding like a proverbial broken record....

It (Almost) Slipped through the Cracks 2006
A look back music series to be published in small volumes over the month of January!

* Lesser known or under-appreciated songs from favorite artists
* Releases that most people missed because they were listening to top forty radio.
* Alternate, remix & live sets from '06 artists that cast the material in a new light.
(Hey, if I play something from 2005 that overlapped into 2006.... Give me a break please?)

It begins now.

England's Archie Bronson Outfit isn't what you would call a small unknown band these days. But with their growing group of fans come more famous songs. Cherry Lips was followed by Dart for My Sweet Heart and the impressive Dead Funny. One can only wonder what's next.

England's The Streets is another way of saying Mike Skinner's music project. I like his stuff, but generally not enough to pursue it. Well wasn't I surprised to hear this track with Chris Martin (which made me expect to despise the track....) Short story long, its my favorite Streets track to date. Grab this one and listen to the pacing. Excellent.

Austin's Voxtrot, what can I say? Just an amazing band and with more material coming out in the last month - this band had a phenomenal year. Proud of you guys. I was going to offer up the KEXP live recordings, but now that I have mentioned them - I figure you can find those on your own. The track I selected is Four Long Day - it's the first Voxtrot song I can remember hearing and its still one of my absolute favorites. Enjoy.

From South of the Mason-Dixon Line comes The Legendary Shack Shakers - a tremendously talented and twisted psychobilly group with a great sound. Don't know 'em? That's the reason for this post mister! Download this sweet treat - fun.

New England's Ted Leo and the Pharmacists rocked 2006 like a backyard frat party on a cool summer night. There wasn't a clean cup anywhere baby! I saw Ted Leo play twice including a marvelous show in Bridgeport CT to celebrate that city's revival. I offered you up the Ted Leo live in NYC concert on these pages and Bradley's Almanac gave you a sweet Boston sold-out Middle East gig set.

The band had a hugely successful commercial release in Shake the Sheets and with word that there will be a follow-up album released in just weeks - well I'm tingly.

This here song is called The Angel's Share - it's an under-appreciated gem from this year's album... Lost in the shuffle but found here!

to be continued...


Gracey said…
I really enjoyed The Angel's Share... Thanks for the intro to such great sounds...!
Anonymous said…
The Legendary Shack Shakers are fucking awesome. i saw them in st louis at a small town fair. what a great show!!
Anonymous said…
good call on the Voxtrot cuts RSL.

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