Scorching Heat in The Cool of the Midnight Sun - Blog Radio 16

Welcome to Blog Radio Volume 16:
Scorching Heat in the Cool of the Midnight Sun

"Fireball" photo by Ben Babusis

Blog Radio is a musical expression of fact. It's my music collection and it's what I am listening to right now - on my laptop, in my car, in headphones - in my thoughts. This is a great way for me to connect with all of you. With this blog entry I celebrate sweet serendipity. A handful of these songs were found this week by placing discs in my player and hitting "random play." While the others are forgotten favorites I found while browsing my old playlists. Either way - all are good and now they are yours.

As always, if you like the music - go to your local record store and pick up a copy. Or you can click over to Insound and buy the artist materials. We need to support artists and musicians whose work we enjoy.


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