Review: Cassavettes Rock MetroWest Boston and bring the City with them

The best show in Boston last night wasn't in the city at all.

It took place in the quiet hamlet of Maynard, some twenty-five minutes driving outside the city where the city's Cassavettes made an incredible hush-hush appearance at the intimate Sit 'N Bull Tavern before a small but thoroughly impressed crowd.

The Cassavettes
foreground Mike McCullagh sings Debts .
Behind him (r - l), Scott Jones and Glenn Yoder

I have been completely won over by the band now - twice. Even with a couple of minor snags they still are one of the best live stage shows in Boston. The show last night was a homecoming of sorts for Maynard local boy drummer Matt Snow, who is pretty awesome on the skins. He gave the crowd something to cheer - as did the whole band

Drummer Matt Snow - stole the show

The Songs

The Cassavettes have just recently released their brand new full-length album It's Gonna Change . It's definitely worth owning. You should look into it. It can be purchased at a live show or through the band's page.

The gig opener was local heroes Slow Century, an impressive band on their way up. It was unfortunate but they had no music to share with you (so you will have to take my word on this!)

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Maynard's Slow Century

Coming Up:
January 19 - The Cassavettes will play live on the Fox 25 Morning Show
January 19 - 8 pm... The Cassavettes play a charity benefit at the Paradise Rock Club.


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