Radiohead played Boston 6/5/06

Happy New Year!
I want to thank my readers for a fantastic 2006.
It was my first year blogging and one which saw me named a finalist for music blog of the year! Here is something very special:


Thom Yorke in Boston: an animated figure.

Get it now before I pull it and put it back in the vault.

Were you at these shows?
Drop me a line!


Anonymous said…
hey, is there a trick to this? any way i try to grab these files, all i get are error messages. and a rather rude re-direct to a page that says, "doh, you have the wrong link." or something like that. would like to hear this. any tips?
Ryan Spaulding said…
Hi and thanks for stopping by! The way to get the files is to right click with your mouse and drag it down to "save link as." Some of you were having issues because my bandwidth was completely consumed (a couple thousand people in three days or so downloading...)

I spent some cash and upgraded my service and this problem should not happen again..

Download away.
Anonymous said…
thanks, it works great. and it sounds great too!

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