Newest Band from Baltimore - The Frenemies are Here

Exposing a new band. Listen up!

Baltimore By Night -
photo by Scooter

A mix of rock, vocalized poetry and unexpected beats, Frenemies could be coming to an indie-rock venue near you. If you are reading this in the Greater Baltimore area....
Remember you heard it HERE first.

photo by Katherine STP Hill

Good stuff! Fresh and unexpected, this isn't the best I've heard in the last year but they are certainly far from the worst. There is a straight forward honesty on these tracks and (with it comes a quality of sound underscoring the effort of the musicians. Baltimore, indeed.
This band strikes me as one that would sound pretty incredible live.

In a world of imitators and slack talents - Frenemies are great adventure!

The "Birds in High School" album from Frenemies.

Frenemies on MySpace
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Anonymous said…
Take this album for a couple of spins before you make any decisions. It's like a hearty stew....tastes even better a couple of days after you make it.

Chris Freeland of Oxes fame lovingly crafted this gem over a long time period. Having travelled far and wide, he only had to look in his Baltimore backyard to find the perfect band mates. If you wanna see these guys live (I promise it's fun fun fun), talk 'em up as much as possible, as a record deal is currently being sought out.

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