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Welcome to RSL Blog Radio Volume 15.
These are songs are what I am listening to right now.
(Think of it as a road map to my state of mind!)

An Inaccurate Map of Charlottesville
by Russell Richards

The hope is that there's something in here from my collection that you will like, and visa-a-vis - it's a great way for me to connect with all of you. As always, if you like the music - go to your local record store or click the Insound Button to the right of the screen and buy the artist album. We need to support artists and musicians whose work we enjoy.

Hopefully you are into these. Sometimes the songs are emblematic of larger themes or represent an entire artist's album. If you are an artist and you would like your music or visual media shared with the readers of this page, please contact me at therslweblog@gmail.com

Notes, Reminders and What-not

Coming Soon:

An amazing and rare BOB MARLEY live set,

more of the It (Almost) Fell through the Cracks 2006 Music Series
(a look back at the most underrated songs of 2006),

A very special reader request for: (Fed Up!?) Angry Songs for Stressful Days.

Still available:

The RSL New Year's Post:
Rippin' It Up - Tracks for 2007! Songs for the New Year

Sigur Ros, Live in New York 2006:
Iceland's Best play America! The Sigur Ros Post

Photo Diary - After the Blizzard: Colorado's Garden of the Gods:
Icy Images taken the Day after Colorado's 2nd Blizzard of 2006 -
Garden of the Gods Photo Diary

Stormy Weather - Songs for Winter
Songs for Winter... Brrrrr


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