Indieland News - January 2007 edition

Blurring the lines between the Working Class and Royalty

Damon Albarn of Blur and The Gorillaz.
He's the man behind The Good, The Bad and The Queen. It's hard to keep up. But the listening is great.

Damon Albarn joins Graham Coxon as a flurry of Blur side projects take center stage. And with each path to individual success, comes a further diminished likelihood of a Blur reunion. (Based on these solo efforts, I'm not sure that the wait is such a bad thing - but there are some in England who feel otherwise..)

The Good, The Bad and The Queen on the Web

the people have spoken... (taken from the Wikipedia)....

The Good, the Bad and the Queen is the name of Blur frontman Damon Albarn's new album and new project. Initially reported as a solo album by Albarn with Danger Mouse producing, NME revealed in late July 2006 that the solo project was switched to a new group formed by Albarn.[1]

The group, which consists of Albarn, The Clash's bassist Paul Simonon, former The Verve guitarist Simon Tong (who also played guitar during Blur's Think Tank tour following Graham Coxon's departure, and played guitar for Gorillaz on their Demon Days album.)

Blur guitarist Graham Coxon
just released incredible guitar rock on his latest solo album.

Now we know why the Gorillaz only managed book and DVD projects recently-with Damon working on The Good The Bad and the Queen, no one was left to tend the store.

Albarn and Company: The Gorillaz
branded themselves as cartoon heroes

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Poof! They were gone.
A record label explodes rather than decays - V2 has closed it's doors

Well, that was sudden. The V2 Label closed shop over the last 30 days and released its artists from all obligations and contracts. Most notable of those contracts: The White Stripes, The Greenhornes and Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos (and a slew of other up-and-coming indie acts!) Time will only tell how this will impact the industry as artists begin to move.

Meg White of the White Stripes.

Impacted Artists

In Anthony of the RHCP We Trust...(!, ?, !)

The latest Rolling Stone magazine provided the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Anthony Kiedis not one but two chances this month to plug his favorite new bands....
(Including a conversion with the Rolling Stone's - "The Smoking Section".)

Who did Kiedis tap as the best new groups? Read on.

The Venetian Snares.
Kiedis: "It's dramatically hardcore electronic music out of Canada, sort of in the Squarepusher vein - really different and cutting edge."

Find out for yourself: Venetian Snares on MySpace

The Jack Bambis are a band of twelve-year-olds.
Kiedis: "They became my favorite musical experience of 2006. They're phenomenal - whenever they'd play I'd find a way to get to the show."

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Kid stuff? Kiedis is hot on L.A.'s The Jack Bambis.
Sorry this is the best (and largest picture) I could find.
The band still doesn't have a published page yet!


Puddlegum has the low-down on the latest from Band of Horses.
(They are working on a new album!)

Also coming over the next 30 - 60 days
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
Jesse Malin
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Explosions in the Sky


Uh, this is how they say, "Unfair..."

So I already bought my Boston tickets... For Central Square Cambridge's Middle East appearance of Cold War Kids, Tokyo Police Club and Delta Spirit on March 30. (Which will sell out.) The trio are among the best indie artists playing anywhere these days.... They will be appearing that night playing downstairs under the WFNX Radio Discovery Music Series. The Upstairs artist for that same night, (just added mind you) is RSL favorite Birdmonster. Who I have never seen and would love to if I wasn't already in the building at another show.

That's just plain Cruuuuuuuuel.

Tokyo Police Club will be in Boston this March.

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Anonymous said…
hey my friend is really good friends with the lead singer of the jack bambi's
they do have a myspace and here is the link
i agree that they are amazing
they have one song that is really good
Ryan Spaulding said…
Thanks very much...! I looked high and low and didn't find their page.

Here it is folks, the Jack Bambi's on MySpace.

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