Forget-Me-Not Songs from 2006 - Volume Five

It (Almost) Slipped through the Cracks 2006 #5
A mp3 music series to be published over the month of January!


* Lesser known or under-appreciated songs from favorite artists
* Releases that most people missed because they were listening to top forty radio.
* Alternate, remix & live sets from '06 artists that cast the material in a new light.
(Hey, if I play something from 2005 that overlapped into 2006.... Give me a break please?)

Previous Posts in this Series:

Southern Cal's Cold War Kids probably had more blog appearances than any other group in 2006 - so I will not go on in-depth here... The song Heavy Boots appeared in many live sets and lived on their lesser known Mulberry Street EP. It was not re-recorded for their full length album Robbers and Cowards. It's one of the very first CWK songs I remember hearing. It's a quality damn good track.

From Los Angeles, a child of innumerable musical influences, Beck produced his seventh formal release in 2006(other discs including the early "One Foot in the Grave" and other bootleg sessions exist.) The Information did not come out until October, but tracks were leaked out prior for promotional purposes. To underestimate this man's influence on the mainstream and independent music scene would be a huge mistake. Here is Cellphone's Dead off the album:

New Jersey's Yo La Tengo are one of the most accomplished bands in my music collection. What's better their music has aged well, like good wine. 2006 saw the release of the incredible I am not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass just continues to blow me away! If you don't have this one yet or don't know the band, give them a chance. Here is the fun track, Mr. Tough.

Austin's Bill Baird was my personal selection for solo indie artist of the year for his work ethic and total amount of material released. I first heard of him as the bassist and in-band publicist for Sound Team. I interviewed Bill (link) back in October. At that time he showed me some remix projects he was working on, a music video project he was working on for a fellow Austin musician and then he gave me copies of his two self-released solo albums. His stuff is amazing and his work ethic made me feel lazy by just hosting a single music weblog! To top it off Bill is a great person - very positive and upbeat. Here is the write-up I did last month in which I lauded the best solo indie acts in the country for 2006 (link). And here, is Bill's track: My Woman Hates My Guts.

Montreal's Sunset Rubdown started out as a Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade / Swan Lake) side project. But like most things Spencer Krug, this project took on his energy and came to have a life of its own. The album Snakes Got A Leg actually came out in 2005 - but the fact that Spencer has three live projects running right now makes everything basically contemporary. (The Wolf Parade song "I'll Believe in Anything, You'll Believe in Anything" for instance, just got a video but the song has been out for a year now. This track is called Three Colours and it is one of the most arresting tracks released by Spencer Krug and Sunset Rubdown to date. Enjoy!


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