Excellent Songs from 2006's Back Burner - Volume 4

It (Almost) Slipped through the Cracks 2006 #4
A mp3 music series to be published over the month of January!

* Lesser known or under-appreciated songs from favorite artists
* Releases that most people missed because they were listening to top forty radio.
* Alternate, remix & live sets from '06 artists that cast the material in a new light.
(Hey, if I play something from 2005 that overlapped into 2006.... Give me a break please?)

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Brooklyn's Fiery Furnaces is an utterly amazing brother-sister group with a quality touring band. Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger really surprised me with the 2006 release of Bitter Tea. I frankly didn't think they would be able to ever match the quality of 2004's Blueberry Boat. The tracks are innovative and fun. And isn't that what it's all about? I have selected the energetic and shocking I'm in No Mood - it's a song that if nothing else, proves that pianos can take a beating. Listen now and find out why this band is great...

Boston's Tim Heroux Trio put together one of the best throwback style songs of the year in 2006. On My Own isn't a titanic track, it's just really damn good. I can't help but listen to this song and think back to how strongly I felt about my first hole-in-the-wall apartment and the horrible view from the front window. I was in heaven.

Portland's Another Cynthia is my official overlooked artist of the year. That's a mighty big compliment and they deserve ever letter in the sentence. What's so special about them? They mix beats, strong and sometimes fun lyrics with excellent musicianship. They produced their own album (great job!) and are practically giving the album away it's so cheap. Do yourself a favor and get this one! Here's Donkey Kong.

We head back to Boston for our next release. It's Eldridge Rodriguez's The Beatings . The band released a hot album this year with Holding On to Hand Grenades. This group continue to impress and if you get the chance you should definitely attend one of their live events! I have included the hot track, Burn Down the Jungle.

Nashville's Oh No! Oh My! got some respect this year from indie music blogs, but it still may not have been enough. I was hoping they would get big enough to land them a gig in Providence or Boston... No such luck, but somehow the University of Vermont landed a show(!).

The band members were living in Austin and playing under a completely different name in 2005. As The Jolly Rogers, the guys were great. As Oh No! Oh My! the ante got raised in Nashville. Included here is I Love You All the Time. Now, see why I love this band....


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