Boston's Suspect Devices! Viral Marketing inspires Fear and Paranoia

Boston was presumed to be under attack today when someone erected illuminated and magnetic viral marketing ads for Adult Swim (Cartoon Network)'s Aqua Teen Hunger Force. FBI, state and city police, Coast Guard and presumably Air Force, were notified and assembled.

The terror management team came in force and took control briefly to manage all efforts through an unified Boston command center. This occurred just before 2pm. The team shut themselves off from the world as they prepared for the worst.

This is NOT the device.
(This one looks like a bomb.)

The ads (virtual Lite-Brites) were part of a marketing campaign for the wacky cartoon produced by Turner Broadcasting.

I'm not sure what the incident says about Boston. The thing looks like a child's toy mounted to a bridge underpass. I'm not sure that I would have thought it was a risk when I saw it. It looks like artwork or an advertisement to me.

The entire day was impacted by a motorist's anxious call this morning after seeing a suspect device which looked like a bomb. This first finding occurred in Sullivan Square. Within minutes Interstate-93 (the north-south artery through the city) was shut down. The traffic built up through the entire morning commute, delaying thousands of people.

Throughout the city, traffic came to a crashing halt as firefighters and police work to remove all of the units. Authorities report seeing the devices on metal surfaces with most appearing on girders and bridge underpasses. About 10 have been found at this time.

At this very moment, the Fox 25 news copter is circling above a firetruck where troopers are struggling to remove a lite-brite with a creature sporting an odd, death's head grin.


Anonymous said…
RSL!! keep up the good work my man.
Anonymous said…
awesome post
so funny how authorities over react, hope you weren't stuck in any traffic because of it... commercials and ads as terrorism... interesting... almost ties in with my recent post about mini cooper billboards and RFIDs
Ryan Spaulding said…
Update: After involving the Mayor, the Governor and State Attorney General along with several law enforcement agencies, the City is now safe... (At least one of the units was exploded and another 37 have been found throughout the city.)

Turner Broadcasting have released a statement that indicates the outdoor advertising has been in place for more than two weeks in 10 American cities.

The authorities have successfully apprehended an art student.

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