24 - What things in Store? A Lot can Happen in a Day

Today is the day I have been awaiting for about six months now. I am pretty much hopelessly addicted to the Fox television program "24" and tonight is the two hour premiere of Season Six! Yes, it's American television and a regular series - two things that usually add up to complete crap - but this is routinely the best thing on television. It's action packed, unpredictable and the issues (while overblown at times) are ones we are dealing with in our lives these days.

Last year the writers for 24 killed off a third of the old characters in the first week as the Counter Terrorism Unit found itself the target of a first strike attack against America. With the team in shambles it placed even more pressure on Jack Bauer to find the terrorists and to disrupt their plot.

Part of the team, Jack Bauer (below) always works best on his own.

Even the premise - An hour in real time is a an hour for the characters on the show (who only have a single day to resolve the issues at hand) is wonderful (if not ambitious)! And when the plots, characters and interactions work - well, it's just magic. You don't dare miss an episode because something insane (like the death of main characters!) can happen rather unpredictably. Water cooler conversation fodder, indeed.

Kiefer Sutherland plays the stone-faced Bauer, a man who has saved the day so many times he has repeatedly been the personal subject of attacks. He has saved the life of a president and been targeted by a corrupt Commander in Chief. He overturned drug cartels, terrorist cells and been hunted by foreign governments. He is again on the run to save the day and his life. It begins again tonight.


Anonymous said…
I'm psyched for it, too, although the press shots of hairy Keifer make him look like the caveman from the Geico commercial.
Anonymous said…
pretty good, first time I ever watched the show... now I guess I'm hooked.

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