Indieland News - The Right Time for Devotchka, Graham Coxon, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Herb Alpert and more!

I've got Devotchka on my Mind

Whether you want to call it Spanish-acoustic folk, Gypsy Rock or something else altogether - Devotchka is smokin' Red Hot. I was a little slow to approach these tracks, but now they get a daily showcasing. And with these tracks we have a must-have album purchase...
The Little Miss Sunshine movie soundtrack
has enough Devotchka to keep you busy (for a little while anyway). It won't be long before you will begin asking record store clerks for help finding their other releases...

Behold - the haunting voice of Nick Urata!

The Songs

Devotchka's Jeanie Schroder

devotchka on myspace

Since I am a firm believer that everything comes from somewhere....
Please listen to some suggested music:


One of the most sampled artists in rap history. Herb is a classical musician in the same talented style and passion that are now powering Devotchka's success!

What an album cover!

herb alpert on myspace

(listen to the lonely bull!)

Clap Your Hands for the New Album

It was no more than 12 hours after I posted on Alec Ounsworth's solo career last week that CYHSY began leaking songs out from their forthcoming "Some Loud Thunder" album *one of which I had. (I think I am being watched.) But seriously, these tracks show some definite growth - a major stone to the temple of those who thought this remarkably talented band were incapable of further output or sonic growth.

Here are two tracks from the album and a live version of another:

You may want to stop back and take a look at the Alec Ounsworth post.
There's some sweet stuff there.

Graham Coxon is back.

Graham Coxon and TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek must buy their eyeglasses at the same place!

We haven't heard much from Coxon since he left Blur in 2002. Aside from three new albums since then and a dribble of public shows, he has largely stayed clear of the press. Sure, there has been tedious noise over the last few years (including some interesting interviews from the British press) but so far there has been little movement by the parties involved in this direction.

Coxon's sixth Solo Album could be his best yet

Either way, Coxon's latest solo material is unbelievably good and time will tell how this impacts plans to get Blur back together again in the future. One can only assume at this point that it won't be Coxon who walks back to the table first with olive branch in hand.

BLUR in happier days
From left: Graham Coxon, Alex James, Damon Albarn, David Rowntree


Bands to Consider

New Lows (NYC) - The Thrill - Highly Recommended

Seeing things in Slow Motion

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Unknown said…
hey ryan,
if i didnt say so earlier, thanks so much for the love this week. we really appreciate it. and i didnt get a chance to talk to you at the show, but thanks for the support. hopefully we can meet up in the future. take care!
Anonymous said…
2 words for the new CYHSY:

Suh Weet.

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