I was struck and killed by Holiday Cheer

and some pretty sweet mp3s

Damn, I love this picture.

My vows to you the reader:

1 - No year end "Best of..." List on this page

2 - No Christmas songs on the page

This has been the biggest week ever in the short history of this blog and I want to thank everyone for their support! I got some nice links from various sources (Special thanks to the Aquarium Drunkard Blog and his regular readers.)

    Please report bandwidth shortages! All these page hits have drained a good deal of my bandwidth. It's a problem I will face more often, I fear, moving forward. It's a good problem to have - so I'm not complaining. If you have troubles downloading music files from this site, please report the error immediately and all links will be repaired within 24 hours.Case in point: The 1975 Led Zeppelin show will be restored later today.
    Voting is still going on for music blog of the year. I would love your support. There are nine other candidates for this year's awards and they are all worthy of a few minutes of your time.

Today's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED selections:

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