Explore your Saturday with these Songs

Songs for Your Saturday.
Explore These and Get Lost.

by Thomas Hawk

The Eels - Saturday Morning
Waking up with the Sun, hang your hats on hope.

Cold War Kids - Passing The Hat
Just listen to Nate's voice in this track! Wow.

Jesse Malin - About You
Possibly the most underrated artist in America. Amazing.

The Crab Nebula by Hubble

Id Guinness - Jade Garden Mix #2
One of Canada's most talented buskers

Animal Collective - Kids On Holiday
Wired musicians make good beat

Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend (acoustic at KBCO)
Rare live performance

Montreal - Artist unknown.

The Clash - Pressure Drop
Alternative Version

Phil and the Osophers - Bogata
Hi Phil

Men Without Hats - The Safety Dance (live 1985!)
Yes. An actual live performance from Montreal, now dance!

Latryx and Blackalicious - Burning Hot in Cali on a Saturday Night
Loud, rambunctious and hot

O'Death - Down To Rest
Coming to Boston soon.


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