Blog Radio Volume 12 - Beauty, Charm and Whimsey are Yours

Hello readers. This is Volume Twelve of the celebrated blog radio series. This post is a little different than the other entries I share with you on a daily basis. These songs are ones I am listening to from the depths of my music collection. Some are newer tracks and others are recurrent classics. Completing the Blog Radio posts each week to 10 days has always proven an interesting exercise in both creativity and in connection. I tell you what I am listening to and hopefully that brings us (you and I) just a bit closer. Sometimes the songs are emblematic of larger themes or represent an entire artist's album.

Hopefully you will connect with a few of these and give them a try in your collection. As always, please support artists and musicians whose work you enjoy.

Whimsey: The quality or state of being whimsical or fanciful, also caprice.

"Sneaking Beauty."
Photo by Ivan Lunkov

Amelia Earhart

Thanks for reading.
I love you guys!

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