Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ripping Up the New Year - A Mix for Right Now


Close out the Year the right way. Start the new one even Better.
This is a Master Mix for New Years I have been putting together for you.

I wish you the best of things for the New Year.
Yours, Ryan


Friday, December 29, 2006

Photographs of Colorado's Garden of the Gods - the Calm after the Storm

The Painting of Colorado's
Garden of the Gods
Colorado Springs, CO
12/29/06 following an intense blizzard

The songs I assembled for this post were put together through the inspiration of these beautiful pictures. Colorado is under snow right now, but we can all enjoy these breathtaking images!

All photographs on today's blog by Jen

Thursday, December 28, 2006

RSL BLOG RADIO volume 13 - It's Alien to me. (Call to Arms)


Burn these into your Brain!

Under Attack!
today's illustration by: El Dorado Rampage

Welcome to a Friday installment of RSL Blog Radio. This is Volume 13 of the radio sessions.

These entries are my little way of sharing what I am listening to right now. Think of it as a bonding experience! Sometimes the songs are emblematic of larger themes or represent an entire artist's album.

As always, please support artists and musicians whose work you enjoy.
Here are your Magic Beans:

Calling All Artists and Photographers!

Interested in showcasing your work? I reach thousands of people with this page every month. If I use your works, you retain full rights to all your work and get a link to your page!
Email me submissions at

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Explosions in the Sky! A Live Set from Paris in 2002

Live - September 22, 2002
La Guinguette Pirate - Paris, France

Instrumental Masters falling into favor with the masses.....
A six-song set live from Paris!


Explosions in the Sky will be in Boston
Wednesday, March 21, 2007.
The MIDDLE EAST - Central Square - Cambridge, MA

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sound Waves - a handful of mp3s for Right Now

As I said before, there is a temporary hiatus from my usual posts (the live shows, new release reviews and artist profiles) until after the pending holiday passes. I just have too much stuff going on and, like you, the musicians on this page deserve attention.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Artist: Bansky

Here are some mp3s which I hope will get you through...

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Friday, December 22, 2006

The Weekend Hath Arrived - Friday Night mp3s

I threw these on a mix tape and now heading out!
It's a Friday night mix from me to you:

A new series begins tonight!

Email me here:

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Blizzard Strikes! Colorado buried under a Mountain of Snow.

A Royal Mess in Colorado Springs! Denver buried!

Its so bad in Colorado that mail service got shut down, along with everything else in the greater Denver/Colorado Springs areas. And, it's only the first day of Winter.

Winter Solstice swings an ugly hammer!
Regular readers know how I love a themed blog...

Today's Juicy Linkage:

The Skinny on the new Ted Leo album (March 2007 !) is over at the Six Eyes blog

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

She innocently asked me, 'Why do people listen to bad music?"

illustration: Leo Hillier

YEAH! This image rocks.

I am off working and worrying about holiday shopping. This is a post of upbeat non-festivus related songs to get you back to your fighting strength. Have fun with these, I did.

New artists biographies and CD reviews deserve more attention -
they will return in a very big way next week. Stay tuned, I have a lot in store!

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Songs Above Seas, Songs Below Stars - An mp3 Experience

Sometimes what you see with your eyes open can be as pretty as they are with them closed.
This is the soundtrack for the dreams that can fill your waking days and dreamless nights.

Maine Seacoast Photograph
by Toledo cameraman J. Tibbals

I hope you enjoyed these songs as much I liked selecting them.
Sometimes this is really, really fun!

See you tomorrow, Ryan

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Solo into the Winter Heat (Bill Baird, Sparrow House, Eldridge Rodriguez)

Spotlight on Solo Artists
Cookin' up some
INTENSE HEAT this winter!

This special edition of Indieland News focuses on two solo/side acts from Austin and another from right here in Boston. These individuals are in some very talented bands and each threatens to be one of your new favorites solo acts this winter.

2006 Indie Musician of the Year?
Nothing should shock or surprise when it comes to
The Creative Mind of Bill Baird

The bassist for Austin's SOUND TEAM has had quite a year.
The Indie rocker, turned film director, turned sound engineer, is now a solo artist.

Ok - Sound Team is definitely one of my top albums from the last year. That wasn't enough for band bassist Bill Baird. He remixed some of the band's tracks - some highly desirable tracks. He released not one, but two albums of his own this year: Sunset and the instrumental Silence!
My Woman Hates My Guts - Bill Baird
Surfing (instrumental) - Bill Baird

Buy the amazing "Sunset" and "Silence" albums for pocket change (just $7 each) on
the Bill Baird page.

Bill Baird is always producing videos and short films (look his work on YouTube) - and even now working on a video (thanks for the music video sneak peak Bill) for friend and fellow musician Red Hunter. That's one hell of a year.

Don't miss my October Interview w Baird & Sound Team drummer Jordan Johns. Good stuff!

Wild on Bass - Sound Team's Blonde Bill is an Entertainer.

Two BONUS TRACKS from Bill Baird with SOUND TEAM

Baird is responsible for this incredible remix of the Song "No More Birthdays" from Sound Team's Movie Monster album.

Warm and Safe this Winter
Jared Van Fleet
a.k.a. Sparrow House

Jared Van Fleet, of Austin's Voxtrot, is Sparrow House. It's a band, it's a man. It's a place to be, something to listen to right now and all winter long. What follows is amazing stuff:

Jared Van Fleet - talented

Buy the amazing "Falls" EP for pocket change (just $7) on the Sparrow House page.

Two BONUS TRACKS from Jared Van Fleet with VOXTROT

Van Fleet is also the man behind the classical arrangement in Voxtrot's incredible track, "Sway."

Meet Eldridge Rodriguez
Indie Superman

Play in four bands at a time. I've only ever heard of one man capable of doing that. Amazing and right here in Boston!

Eldridge Rodriguez of being musically talented and having a distinctive sound. It's a bag of tricks he brings to three local acts and to his own side show (Eldridge Rodriguez and the New Jerseys). Here's what you should be listening to right now:

Boston's E.R.
Three bands and side act of his own...
No mere mortal

BONUS TRACK starring Eldridge Rodriguez

Burn Down the Jungle - The Beatings

Tracks starring E.R. and the New Jersey's guitarist Greg Lyon (another side project!)

Pages to visit

Sorry, couldn't find a page for "Nice Boy Hello"

Rodriguez plays with Kamiko Darrow

Monday, December 18, 2006

Jesse Malin music - Songs that Change Lives (New album in February)

I have seen Jesse Malin play live twice and that was more than enough to win me over completely. A New York native who has since toured the world and shared the stage with some pretty big names - I can tell you he is also very easy to talk to and has a fun streak. Lyrically strong, his voice and appearance lend themselves to him commanding a stage.

Jesse has been working on his new album "Glitter in the Gutter" (due in February '07) in studios on the east coast and in California. Two tracks were leaked a few weeks ago, but I am just now getting around to sharing them with you now.

The new album will have special guest performances by Bruce Springsteen, Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age), Jakob Dylan (the Wallflowers) and Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters). (Jesse Malin stage partner in crime Ryan Adams will also make an appearance on the record.)

((( 1/25/ 2007 Update: These tracks will be torn down soon. )))

Black- Haired Girl (*demo)

Dont Let 'Em Take You Down (*demo)

Media shot from 2004's "The Heat" album.
A must-have album.

Three tracks from "The Heat"

Queen of the Underworld video

Ryan Adams and Jesse Malin - Landmark in NYC's Battery Park

Jesse Malin and Ryan Adams fans absolutely need these...

Ryan Adams and Jesse Malin have shared a stage across two continents. They often played the track "Solitare" together. Here are three of the very best (and different) versions of that song available anywhere - recorded in the span of a single week in 2004!

Jesse will play a special New Years show at Don's Hill in Greenwich, NY
(tickets at ticketweb)

New shows are being announced daily for a UK tour beginning in January.

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