Working in New York town - Liza and the Wonderwheels

It's Liza Garelik, Ian Roure, Joe Filosa and Andy Mattina.
Together they are Liza and the WonderWheels.
The band is named after an old roller coaster on Coney Island.
And what they do is make great music for the people of New York.

The band at Coney Island- photograph by Dina Kaliko

Liza contacted me a few weeks back and I was very happy with the music she sent me. The band is the cross between traditional folk and melody, scratch punk and gritty rock and roll. No matter the label, the band makes good.

Liza: Self Portrait

Liza and The WonderWheels are recording their third album right now at Wombat Studios on Dean Street in Brooklyn. Its a small studio for what promises to be big results.

"As you may recall, we've been working in the studio the last few weeks getting started on the third full-length Liza & the WonderWheels record. I have a vision for this album of working quickly and fluidly - and it jives with the title which Yes we have, and No I don't like to tell until closer to release. We're taking advantage of the precision and obsession a modern pro tools studio allows, but mostly trying to catch the lightening with energetic takes and a lot of fun in the sessions."

This one reminds me a lot of Yo La Tengo.
Quite a compliment!

Visit the band. Get on the mail list. Pick up some music!
The band website offers its own haiku:

Glamorous freaks
We play into the night
Until rock means something new


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