When Heart and Head agree - Songs for Indecisive Days

The Perfect Fit - Unexpected Mood Music

A Playlist for people who like all kinds of music.
A Dozen new tracks from some of the best bands.
Each song has its place and time.

This is the most diverse play list posted on this blog to date.
The songs run the gamut, but there isn't a bad song here.

Music is a Form of Expression.
Be Guilty of Good Taste!

* image credit: VHM design studios


Anonymous said…
is that how Daniel Johnston recorded that song... fading out at the end? or is it just a sample?
Ryan Spaulding said…
That's the only version I have ever heard. A lot of his stuff has been "cleaned up." Can anyone else enlighten us? If there is a "full" version out there and you have it readers, please share!

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