Wednesday's Perspective - Seven mp3s to Adore

Hello Wednesday.
What's up with that look in your eye?

7 songs

I actually started putting this song list together last week and with the addition of the Stone Roses and Kay Hanley tracks, I finally felt good enough about this thing to share it. She's yours!

Who they are:

Kay Hanley is a talented (and gorgeous) East Coast/West Coast singer songwriter. I first heard her with Boston's Letters from Cleo. A few times a year she plays gigs in the Boston area.

Man Man are a talented yet twisted Philadelphia band. They bring together elements from across music's wide spectrum to capture their unique sound.

The Stone Roses are now alt-pop indie icons. The defunct Manchester UK group are rumoured to be in talks to reform, but even if they do - don't expect it to last. On the page today you have an extremely cool and rare demo from 1986.

Plus/Minus are an indie band on the rise! Hailing from New York City, but touring everywhere after some early success with their first big single" Steal the Blueprints," the band has hit the roads on tour. See them in Boston this Friday night at the Middle East in Cambridge.

Matthew Friedberger is half of the highly talented sibling indie tandem the Fiery Furnaces. Matt has released a double album of his own: "Winter Woman/Holy Ghost Language School."

"Just What I Needed"
is a great song - even if Best Buy owns its soul.
The Cars have been reformed without original new-wave singer Rick Ocasek.

You know who the Beatles are, right? Long live The White Album.


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