North to the Future - Meet Matt Hopper

Let's look north to chilly Alaska.
The state motto is, "North to the Future."
This might just be true.

It's here that we meet up with talented musician-on tour Matt Hopper, a down-to-earth soul and quite possibly the hardest working rocker all of Alaska.

Matter Hopper by photographer Katrina Mosienko

I have been listening to Matt's music off and on for about four months now and it suddenly came to me that I never took the time to share his music with you. Matt Hopper is a prolific artist having balanced his almost daily solo acoustic appearances with a tour with rock-focused backing band the Roman Candles. Both are talented incarnations of his creativity and good uses of his time! If Matt can forgive me one comparison - he reminds me a great deal of Ryan Adams and Jesse Malin who impress crowds during both acoustic (including alt-country and folk) and rock and roll gigs.

Hat's off to you Mr. Hopper!


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