Man Down - Battling the Flu with Letters and Colours

I am extremely sick today.... More so than I have been in years... I think it's a bad strain of the flu. I have either been in the bathroom or in bed all day. I pulled myself away from all the fun to post this up. Please pray for me! (Yeah, it's that bad.)

Over the past few months this blog has been loosely affiliated with the amazing Letters and Colours band from Sheffield England. Singer and guitarist Gerry Miller has used these digital pages to publish poetry, write an essay whose words he is working into song and to share his thoughts on the current independent music scene in the UK. He has also given us a little insight into his music collection.

For the uninitiated, here are some treats for your listening and viewing pleasure. It's publicity for the band, but its an opportunity for us to delve into the dark recesses of our music collection, shine a very bright light inside and to make room for a new sound!


Video from the BBC Live Talent Series:
Visit the band:


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