Is TRANSIENT the Best Undiscovered Band in New England?

Take five minutes. Listen to these tracks and add a band's name to your "must see live show list." You will not regret it!

Transient could be the best undiscovered live band in New England.
Here's why you should be paying attention... I recently attended a completely random night (in more ways than one) at the Lucky Dog in Worcester MA. My friend Chris and I were completely bowled over by Transient and how good they sounded!

I hate to sound like a snob, but I ask: "How could a live band playing this close to home sound this good without me being aware of their presence?????!" I mean - seriously... Go to a Transient show. Drink a beer and just listen. You will not be disappointed.

Transient plays rock and ambient music in a special brand of fusion I haven't seen pulled off that well in the past. They are doing it as well as anybody and doing it right here in New England. (For you readers of RSL in Chicago, Los Angeles, England, and Australia - all I can say is that this is a local band and you have -unfortunately received the short end of the stick.)

Here are three reasons why you should be following this band and attending their shows...

That Breaks Me

In the Mood



March2theSea said…
curious..they don't sound like they "look".
Ryan Spaulding said…
No, they do not sound like they look at all! I saw them play recently at the Lucky Dog in Worcester and they were sandwiched between some extremely loud annoying bands.

They were outstanding however. I think their grunge-youth look put them in that lineup. Their music made them stand out though.

They are a cross between Ambient classics and the Deftones... They even sounded like Built to Spill at times! Very happy to attend.

Readers: Please visit March to the Sea's page today - Forgotten Disk Friday blog. The link is up on my page!
Anonymous said…
In the Mood hearkens back to the 1980s Cure/Echo & Bunniemen which the heavy use of stereo chorus an digital delay on the guitar and that ever-present looming bassline.

I was a guitarist but I've always been a fan of thunderous drms which fill in empty spaces, One Riff Jam has this and could use more.

This is more than just two guitar rock.

My two year is tring to sing along with One Riff Jam so its got to be good.

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