Go to Hell, but make a Mix Tape to take with you!

I have been burning the candle a little long each day - and not leaving much behind. And, a little overtired - possibly explaining the sweet title (heheh) of this particular blog entry, but it's creative so ultimately... whatever. Today's blog entry is focused squarely on emotive tracks that draw a little more, make you think about feeling and free that caged thing inside of yourself.

There, that's better.
Now enjoy the best music you will hear all day:

Make yourself a sweet little feelin' mix and find a special place to listen to it all. (You really don't have to go to hell, but feel free to give other people the directions if you like!)

By the way, if you have been putting in a little extra at work and want to listen to some great work songs - I have the blog for you.... Labouring Through The Week - Songs for the Grind

See you tomorrow - Ryan


March2theSea said…
i think it is somehow cool that artists LOVE that Kelly Clarkson tune..it actually pretty good! *shudders*
Ryan Spaulding said…
I find it a little more than mildly amusing. This is easily my favourite cover of this song. The reasons for this favoritism: Ted Leo's strumming syle on the guitar, his voice as it raises for the chorus - and most importantly, his snicker at the song at the end. Ted Leo rocks.

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