Blog Radio Volume 8: mp3s on "The Ocho"

Welcome to blog radio volume eight. I would be silly not to call this post, "the ocho."

Crop Circle #8 - Message from Aliens or Pranksters?

And so there it is. I usually save these blog radio spots for the weekends, but I have heard so many tracks this week that I was into - I just couldn't wait. These songs, by the way - for new visitors, are what I am listening to and where whimsy leads me. I listen to lots of newer independent music, and a little bit of everything else... You never know what you will get.

Some of the previous blog radios are still available and I do that about once a week. So, go back and find some sweet tunes... Remember, if you like the song - take a minute to check out the album its from and give the artist a little love.... Support music and artists.

Without further ado -- Blog Radio Vol. 8 "The Ocho!"

Engrish Bwudd - Man Man

Rivalry - Figurines

I Told Her I'm from Compton - The Floor is Made of Lava

Donkey Kong - Another Cynthia

Crash - The Lunachicks

Heavy Soul - The Black Keys

All Fires - Swan Lake

Really - The Panderers

You Spin Me Right Round - Dead or Alive

I Love You All The Time - Oh No! Oh My!

Guilty of Exquisite Taste... Both of us.


Check it out:

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Ryan Spaulding said…
hosting issues this morning. i have contacted the proper authorities. hang in there gang - these are the troubled times we live in these days.

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