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amazing image: Binh Danh

San Francisco photographer Danh discovered a way to convert found photos from the Vietnam war into large digital negatives, and then "print" them onto the surface of live leaves using sunlight and the chlorophyll in the leaves to create the image.
all of today's tracks come highly recommended....
live recording - Ram's Head 7/8/2006
live recording - Earl's Court 11/26/2003

If you haven't already done so, check out the super cool Sunday mp3 post with some amazing remix and DJ tracks. For bass fans there's plenty there. Indie kids will like some of the remix tracks of familiar favourites. Cheers.


Anonymous said…
I love, love, love The Magnetic Fields.
Gracey said…
Yes, yes!! That is a WONDERFUL song...
but, then again, I have been finding alot of musical gems via Ryan the past couple of days... :)

Excellent selection as always.

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