Questioning Authority: You be the interviewer - Cold War Kids!

PUT YOUR THINKING CAP ON - Want to know what's it's like to be a rock journalist? Here's your chance to quiz America's hottest indie rock band - California's Cold War Kids. Submit your questions for the interview to be conducted later this week. The interview will published in two parts - here AND over on the Berkeley Place blog!
INSTRUCTIONS for Submitting your Question - Email ( or post your question for the band to this page with your name and City/Town and State. To be eligible for a prize do not forget to leave your email address!
CWKs PRIZE: The individual(s) with the best Cold War Kids question will earn a special CWK prize!!!
** ALSO - stay tuned! I have an interview with Soundteam appearing on the page this week. Find out what all the buzz is about! Soundteam rocks. **

HAIR DOWN - Video from the new album!

INTERVIEW with this film's director - Josh Forbes.

CWK on MYSPACE - CWK Main Page


Ryan Spaulding said…
Thanks to those who emailed me their questions. The interview is on hold for now. The band's publicists only offered limited day-time interview slots during a media day with the CWKs. First of all - this won't fly. Like most of you, I work during the day. (Blogging is hard work and my second job!)

Secondly, ultimately - who wants a canned interview? I am going to be getting the same quotes as every other blogger and journalist that day. I appreciate the opportunity, but...

How remarkable are any of the interview / perspective pieces going to be when 12 people who interview the band on the very same day?

When the slew of Cold War Kids interviews get published today, tomorrow and Saturday - you tell me.

I am, however, going to get my interview sooner rather than later and my results will be better than those achieved duringthese pre-planned interview sessions.

Power to the people.
Ryan Spaulding said…
I was contacted by the band's management today. It looks like its GAME ON!

Nothing like a face-to-face interview!

The 10/28 Boston show venue has changed to Great Scott in Allston.

It was to be at the Paradise. This is a much smaller site - so buy tickets early!!!!!

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